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Curriculum being narrowed by National 4 and 5 exam choices

The Sunday Mail today carries a story in which Keir expresses concerns about how the new examinations are affecting subject choice.  As he says:

"Curriculum for Excellence was never intended to narrow young people's choices on entry to the senior phase. But if the system ends up by limiting pupils to five or six examination subjects in S4 then young people are, in effect, choosing their Higher subjects in S3. I am certain this is not what the national guidance is intended to achieve but, in some places, that is the effect it is having. It is not too late to put this right but greater clarity is needed urgently."

I was educated at an English school where I  gave up all subjects except three (pure and applied maths and physics) in my mid-teens - retaining only a token single period a week of both French and English. As a result, I had to make an abrupt change of direction after one year at university when I realised that I had made a huge mistake and maths was not for me. Teenagers should be encouraged to keep as many options open as possible.


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