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A bicycle post

Having had my Flying Scot bike (handmade by Rattray in Glasgow) for over 40 years, I have finally realised that it's time to part company. It doesn't suit where we live (atop a steep hill), it doesn't go onto or into either car, and anyway I'm getting too old and stiff comfortably to swing my leg over its crossbar. So, with heavy heart, I listed it on eBay yesterday and it's already attracted a lot of interested questions as well as a first bid. I still love its classic clean lines and lean efficiency:


and here is its splendid front post decal:


The next question was how to replace it, and the answer (I hope) is a very different solution, a folding bike, but also handmade in Britain - namely a Brompton. If you don't already know about these bikes, have a look at this video showing the brilliant inventor, Andrew Ritchie, doing a leisurely fold and unfold it in under a minute. Most owners manage it in under 20 seconds, I am told.

When it arrives, I'll 'fess up to how long it actually takes me. Because Brompton make everything by hand, and their bikes are highly in demand, orders are on at least 14 weeks' lead time, but I am hoping that my recent eBay purchase will arrive on Monday.


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