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The day of the puma

Corcovado has a truly wonderful range of species, but spotting is made difficult by the high density of the lush primary rainforest. You couldn't fail to hear the howler monkeys, but everybody's photographs were distant silhouettes. All my better bird photos were taken elsewhere, against the thinner vegetation of transitional or secondary rainforest.

The dramatic exception to this was last Sunday, when a puma made and devoured a kill only about 10 feet from the trail on which Keir, Tim and Susie were walking. Their guide, Jacob, spotted this young male puma which had just decapitated a large iguana.

The four of them had a magical half hour closely observing the puma while it devoured every scrap, claws and all. They were fascinated by the iguana's gruesome twitching throughout; indeed, some 20 minutes after all its limbs had gone, the tail was still thrashing wildly. Tim was kind enough to share his photographs and even video. Having missed out on this hike because of rib damage, I really valued this vicarious experience of the day of the puma. (All images below belong to Tim Geppert.)





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