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On doing things for the first time

One of the great things about being on holiday is that the natural desire to try things for the first time isn't inhibited by the constraints of home life, disapproving children or simple inertia.

The whole holiday is a first of a kind: usually Keir brings at least 5 large, heavy nonfiction hardbacks. This time, thanks to tight luggage limits and the need for some dive gear for me, he brought only his Christmas Kindle, mercifully light and tiny, irrespective of how many books are loaded. And its amazing battery life means that we didn't even need the charging cable in three weeks' heavy usage with two 11-hour flights.

Being away from home is strangely liberating. On this trip, Keir has already not only been swimming in amazing jungle pools but also came with me sea kayaking (at Casa Corcovado), handled some deadly animals and today even borrowed a camera for the first time. Here is Keir in his sea kayak and handling a rainbow boa constrictor and a tarantula at Arenal Ecozoo yesterday:





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