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Commission on School Reform and the media

Keir was live on Good Morning Scotland this morning: the interview (while still available) lasts for 3 minutes from 2 hrs 16 min to 2 hrs 19 min. Speaking as Chairman of the new Commission on School Reform, he explained its agenda to examine key aspects of Scottish schooling. The story is also carried by the Herald, Scotsman, Times, Telegraph and Daily Express and was on BBC Scotland TV news – only to be dislodged later by the impending arrival of two giant pandas: you can't deny that they are more photogenic. Anyway, here is Keir's short article in the Scotsman, and their news story.

OECD's recently released PISA international comparison reports that the world's most effective schools are in Shanghai – as measured by attainment in reading, maths and science. This alone should be enough to undermine lingering complacency. Keir conceded that international comparisons are never easy, and anyway don't tell the whole story. But the Commission is setting out to identify how Scotland can improve. Our schools need to help to sustain our fast-changing economy, and somebody needs to monitor how Curriculum for Excellence is working in practice.


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