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Help for Heroes: Doug Hamilton-Cox

Doug Hamilton-Cox is an extraordinary man, and his wife and principal support driver Sue in many ways equally remarkable. At the age of 67, ex-Sapper Doug is yomping from John O'Groats to Land's End, sustaining an average of 4 mph on his walking days. On his "rest" days, he collects for Help for Heroes in various towns en route.:

Photo: courtesy of his website

Sensibly he has enlisted help not only from his military contacts, but also from Rotary Clubs along his route, though sadly he isn't a member. Yesterday, with a little help from our Club, he collected over £800 from the generous folk of Stirling, which on this journey is a record for a single collection so far. Sue travelled up from Exeter to rejoin him as his main support, and they just stayed with us overnight at Landrick. I have never felt more proud to be able to give a fellow walker a Compeed – for his first blister so far!

You should be able to follow his progress from Where's Doug Now? but it badly needs to be updated: today it still showed his position as the Corrieyairack Pass instead of Dunblane! Doug's previous two long walks raised over £25,000 and he is running ahead of schedule on this 1000-mile journey. Everything about him suggests that he will complete his mission, and that he will raise a remarkable amount of money in doing so. He reminds us all what one determined individual, with an amazingly supportive partner, can achieve.


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