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Me and my iPad

After months of sporadic use, I'm ready to say what the iPad does well. For me, it's the perfect travel companion, much smaller and lighter than my notebook Mac and with great battery conservation so I wouldn't even take its charger except on a long trip. So for email access, web browsing and drafting short documents, this is THE device.

Never having had or used an iPhone, I'm sure I'll be missing a few tricks. I needed a little help to access the copy/paste facilities and aspects of the interface aren't just as obvious to me as to others. The screen keyboard is almost very good but infuriatingly encourages apostrophe abuse and lacks cursor keys. But ebook reading and bookmarking is 100% intuitive and a pleasure to use. That's partly thanks to the superb screen, but also a product of intelligent design.

Having some captive time on a short flight I was pleased to use it to finish reading my free download of Pride and Prejudice. I felt I was reading the book faster than its printed equivalent, perhaps partly because of the two-page spreads and partly the excellent control of fonts and illumination. There can be no doubt that page turning is faster than on a physical book and it's certainly easier to hold in odd spaces. I was very surprised to read a study that claims people read physical books faster, and am now tempted to test this empirically.

Another blessing of the iPad is its capacity to back up photographs while on the move. My recent experience of loss on a flight led me to order the camera connection kit. This works a treat, is very fast and turns a chore into a pleasure. So In my perception, the iPad is simply the perfect holiday computer: light, powerful and pleasant to use. And the addition of games such as Flight Control HD makes it in high demand for grand-daughter Amy and friends.

Having yesterday broken my right collarbone on a ski holiday, I am pleased to report that the Apple keyboard has been a revelation. It's just wonderful to have my usual keyboard shortcuts back again: simple things like being able to alternate letters and numbers, or apostrophes and letters, without missing a beat make for fluent typing. And with one arm in a sling, the slick keyboard action makes me very glad of the last-minute whim that put it in my rucksack in case poor weather made for downtime. Little did I know how much downtime I'd have.


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