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Scotland on Sunday publishes my Bergen piece

I didn't buy Scotland on Sunday yesterday because I didn't expect my Bergen piece to be in. However, the whole Spectrum magazine turned up by post today, complete with Fay Weldon ("What women want") on the front cover and there it was: pages 34 and 35 devoted to my Bergen piece, but sadly supported only by three agency photos. My own Bergen images had been ignored, though for me they had acquired special value after I'd mysteriously lost them from the SD card, then recovered them using PhotoRescue: think prodigal son.

Meanwhile, thanks to a specialist photographic forum, I have just discovered how the mysterious loss almost certainly occurred: on planes in general, especially at high altitude and latitude, memory cards of all kinds (solid-state memory) are vulnerable to cosmic radiation, especially if the card is powered up as when the camera is in use. The solution is either to avoid taking photos on a plane or, if you need to, use a separate spare card for the purpose. That way the images you have just captured while away are not at risk, because the card is much less vulnerable when not powered up. An even better solution may be to store the precious memory cards in a shielded case: a couple of mm of lead should work. But there must be an opportunity for somebody to market a neater solution?

Meantime I've just ordered a camera connection kit for my iPad so I can back up the photos before getting on the plane. And I won't be weeding out dud pix on a plane in future!


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