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Arctic fishing in the Lyngsfjord

Sunday began with a long drive from Tromsø to the boat that took us deep-sea fishing on the Lyngsfjord with Lyngsfjord Adventure. Never having fished before, I was 100% confident of failure, but within minutes had landed a small codling which we promptly threw back overboard. Here is the boat that took us:


Mark McLaughlin (of the Edinburgh Evening News) put my codling to shame with his prime catch of a 5-kg wolf-fish (aka Atlantic catfish), famously good for eating. However, it has strong teeth and jaws that can crunch sea urchins, and a post-mortem bite reflex that can take off your hand, so we kept our distance:


After the fishing trip, we visited the Tromsø Museum, with some fascinating cultural exhibits including a sensitive treatment of the Sami people who have established a nation without borders, have their own flag and parliament. That evening, we were heading south by Widerøe back to Bergen. Time to spare at Tromsø airport is an unexpected pleasure. Normally I hate airports, but you can walk around outside this one, taking in the snow-covered mountain views. Here is the stainless steel fish sculpture that stands outside the terminal:



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