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The Scotsman takes up the theme

The pebble thrown in the pond was the front page of yesterday's Times, featuring Keir's attack on the implementation of Curriculum for Excellence. The ripples started to spread later in the day. First the BBC were in touch, looking for an extended radio interview with him, then the Scotsman asked him for a short article.

Today's paper has Fiona Macleod's news story which develops the theme of "pressure growing on the Scottish Government after a leading education figure joined mounting criticism" and trails Keir's article. She quotes various politicians' comments, including both Labour (Rhona Brankin), who described the literacy section as "complete gobbledegook", and Conservative (Liz Smith) who confirmed "the entire structure behind implementing the curriculum is in disarray".

A government spokesman (anonymous) said something complacent about "Scotland already performed well on the world education stage" and something insincere: "Keir Bloomer is an important educational thinker, and we will always listen with interest to his views". Aye, right!

Keir's article is inside the Scotsman. Educational innovation is notorious for its failure to translate rhetoric into reality, and CfE has been subverted, emasculated and buried under thousands of tonnes of paper. Yet many of the Experiences and Outcomes aren't worth the paper they're printed on.

The slogans "successful learners, confident individuals, effective contributors and responsible citizens" are on every classroom wall. But

Ask a dozen teachers (or a dozen directors of education for that matter) to define the new curriculum in two clear sentences and you will get a dozen different answers.


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