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Sandy goes solo

I just got a phone call from Sandy. Today, unexpectedly soon, he flew solo at East of Scotland Microlights and I'm feeling very proud of him. Like riding a motor bike, you are allowed to go solo before you pass your test, but (unlike a motor bike) you don't go solo until your instructor has decided you are competent enough not to pose a danger to other air traffic or yourself. So until today, he had never experienced the very different handling of the microlight flying "light" (carrying only one adult).

In only about 15 flying hours, he's made remarkable progress. Although he's always been a good learner when motivated, his educational career has been unorthodox, to put it uber-mildly. I saw him fly in February, but that was with his instructor on board. Apparently Gordon now supervises him from the ground, though I don't like to think too hard about how that would work in a real emergency. Here is a shot of him landing, taken just after I'd had my own flying experience in February (he had given me an Experience Ecosse voucher as a birthday present). I'll have to go back there soon, to snap him flying solo:


PS: update from 16 July: courtesy of Jill Douglas, here is the contemporary shot of the cat that got the cream:



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