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Amy's first snowman

Today is our 15th consecutive day with snow on the ground at Landrick, although the thaw has begun. It's been a time of leaving a car at the foot of the hill and walking up and down, far preferable to risking getting the car up but not down again. There's a great deal of rubbish talked about snow ploughs that takes no account of the cost of maintaining them to combat conditions that arise about once in 18 years. Sometimes the weather is in charge and you just have to adapt.

Anyway the snow has its upside, too. Daughter Helen and I took Amy outside yesterday and we built her first snowman, a fine collaborative project. He may look a little lopsided to you, but to us he was a splendid creation: sturdy birch arms, twigs for his hair, pebbles for eyes and a half-carrot nose. We were just in time, because this morning his neck has thinned to breaking point and he seems unlikely to survive the day.



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