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Amy and Gregor

We had a lovely visit yesterday from the Flynns. It had to be postponed from Saturday because the snow and ice on our hill has been so bad – not a problem for adults in suitable hiking boots, but far from buggy-friendly at the best of times. Craig and Carol-Anne were bringing a Very Important Visitor – Gregor, their ten-month old baby – all the way from Greenock to meet us.

Craig runs Mini Tours Scotland - which gives private guided tours of Scotland to visitors (mainly from the States) in smallish groups. Carol-Anne is currently a full-time mother and Gregor, as you can see below, is just adorable. Amy, being two years older, was the focus of Gregor's attention and admiration. It was fascinating to watch them together, and Amy's obvious delight in Gregor's company was fully reciprocated. The paddling pool-cum-ball swamp gave them their own territory.



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