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Birthdays are brilliant

Well, Sunday 24th February was the most brilliant birthday ever: helium balloons, banners, presents, champagne, cake and singing, even a flashing badge (!) - but above all about eight of my closest family and friends making a ridiculous fuss of me. Totally undeserved, but perhaps once in 60 years the delight is somewhat excusable? I was particularly pleased to be able to inhale the helium from the balloons so as to hear the very silly high-pitched voice that results. Must find out how to upload MP3s to this blog so you can share this giggle.

My wonderful son gave me the most generous presents: an iPod shuffle, which I had no idea I wanted but now realise that I can't live without, and a voucher for an hour-long microlight flight. Having reached an age when I am much more interested in collecting experiences than belongings, I can really appreciate what Experience Ecosse, his gift voucher website, has to offer. My resourceful daughter and amazing grand-daughter gave me thoughtful, personal and feminine presents. And my endlessly creative husband has given me a voucher for a Mystery Trip in late March: so far I don't even know which continent, only the dates ... more idc. But I'm hoping that the stunning book of David Doubilet photos is a hint that there'll be some diving ...

And the following Sunday, when I didn't think it could get any better, there was this truly wonderful party for grand-daughter Amy's second birthday. About 7 toddlers and 11 assorted adults all gathered in daughter Helen's flat, and had a ball for a couple of hours. Despite what they say about the Terrible Twos there were surprisingly few tears or tantrums, and we all enjoyed it thoroughly. I'll never forget Amy blowing out the candle on Sheila's and Celia's incredible birthday cake:P1070101.jpg

Tomorrow I'm off to the Independent Publishers Guild conference in Brighton, which usually makes me feel more like a publisher again. Hope it still works this year!


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